Saturday, 13 August 2016

Back to School Tips

I know the last thing you want to think about is going back to school and all the tests and homework. Nope, not ready at all.
But we don't have long left now and as we desperately try to make the most of our last few weeks trying to ignore the constant pressing to get new uniforms and school bags and all the stationary we know that we just have to accept that September will come round like a slap in the face.. with a chair.

Here are some back to school tips that are actually practical and will hopefully make the first couple weeks of school as stress free and simple as they can be.

  • When researching something on Google, go to Google Scholar which will only give you websites that will get you the answers you need without the distraction of games and unrelated YouTube videos.
  • If you are stuck solving a maths equation, type it into which will explain how to solve the question. 
  • If you accidentally close a tab that you need to get research from simply type CTRL SHIFT T and the tab will reopen!
  • To feel more awake in the mornings drink a glass of water in the morning and you should also bring a bottle of water to school to keep yourself hydrated.
  • A quick way to copy and paste is to hit CTRL C to copy and CTRL V to paste.
  • Find yourself a  place to do homework that suits you. Some people like to listen to music and some people prefer total silence. If you have to do homework in the kitchen and there's lots of distractions try using earphones to block out the TV and any younger siblings.
  • Put your phone on silent or air plane mode to stop yourself checking your messages or snapchat and end up endlessly scrolling through instagram.
  • Pack your bag the night before school and use your timetable to go through each subject so you don't forget anything. I also recommend starting from the subject you have last and go from the last to the first subject so you can check if you've remembered everything and they will be in the right order to pull out without searching through your bag panicking that you've forgotten something. I also recommend putting big books at the back and smaller thicker books at the front so they don't dig into your back.
  • Have a set time to start your homework. I always start my homework at 5 so I've had a chance to grab a snack and a cup of tea and watch some Dance Moms before starting homework.
  • Keep a small purse or bag of supplies in your schoolbag for emergencies. This can be anything from sanitary products to strepsils or paracetamol. I would recommend keeping some money in it as well in case you miss your bus or forget lunch and need to pay for something. Not only will this help you out, you may save your friends from disasters too! 
That's all for today and I hope you are all enjoying your last few weeks of summer and those who are already back I hope you're not too stressed out already!

Love, Girl with a Blog xx

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